duminică, 16 octombrie 2011

We are always running...

we run for happiness.
we run for love
we run for trust and run for hope .

we run for beauty
we run for power.
we run for faith and run for all
the stupid things .
we run against the hours.

we hate some people
and love another.
we are differents,but unique.
we run for health.
we run for us
and just for us.
this life is full of runners.

but you,my reader?
you run for all this things toghether.
why don't you take a break?
you really should take a break and think.
think about love,think about trust
think about hope,
beauty and power.
think for all the stupid things.
think for you,about you.
think about all the people you love.
if you run too fast,you will fall down slowly.

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